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DC Geared Motors (CR-700BS-GB3)

(Hospital Beds, Power Tools, Diamond Lathes, Operating Valves, Vending Machines, Miniature Lathes, Medical Appliances like leg Stress Exerciser, Traction, etc.)
Dimensional drawing for CR-700 BS-GB3


Standard Economy Model:- op.Voltage ;1.5~4.5 Volts & Speed : 5,000~20,000 rpm
Carbon Brush Economy Model:- op.Voltage ;3.0~12.0 Volts & Speed : 5,000~25,000 rpm
Carbon Brush Heavy Model:- op.Voltage ;6.0~48.0 Volts & Speed : 15,000~20,000 rpm
Standard Geared Motors :- op.Voltage ;3.0~12.0 Volts & Speed : 1.0~200 rpm
Heavy Duty Geared Motors:- op.Voltage ;6.0~48.0 Volts & Speed : 0.5~400 rpm
Important :The Technical data given in the leaflet for basic reference only. We make DC motors exactly as per your requirement specification. The possible parameters in our motors are given in the table aside.