Manufacture & Sales of DC Micro Motors, DC Geared Motors, AC Synchronous Motors, Miniature Pumps & Specialized DC motors.
Coding Details
Performance Chart
Various Applications of Our Products
  • Automatic Bird & Animal Feeders
  • Advertisement Scrolling mechanism
  • Advertisement Fiber Optics display
  • Air Fresheners / Perfumers
  • Automatic Pencil sharpeners
  • Air conditioner louvers
  • Air coolers swivel movements
  • Auto scroll Memo pads
  • Agricultural Sprayers
  • Automatic Window/ Blinds
  • Automatic Scissors
  • Audio/Video Tape rewinders
  • Aquarium Water Filter Pumps
  • Automatic miniature cutters
  • Body Massagers
  • Baby Cars
  • Battery Operated Table fans
  • Battery Operated Toys
  • Bottle Cleaners
  • Cordless Drills
  • Cordless Screwdrivers
  • Can/Bottle Openers
  • Card Punching machines
  • Currency counting machines
  • Car Wind Shield washers
  • Car security central locks
  • Car rear view mirrors
  • Car Air Compressors
  • Car Polishers
  • Car Pop-up Headlights
  • Car Auto antenna
  • Car Radiator Fans
  • Car Headlight Level adjuster
  • Car Fans
  • Car roof rotating lights (Ambulance/Police)
  • Clock Alarms
  • Conveyers (small)
  • Computerized Diamond Brutters
  • Dental Drill M/c.
  • Dental Chair
  • Discotheque Lighting
  • Dimond Lathes
  • Diamond Cutters
  • Diamond Polishers
  • Diamond Grinding M/c.
  • Egg Beaters & Stirrers
  • Eye-lens cleaners
  • Envelope openers
  • Fishing Reels
  • Fiber Cloth twist testers
  • Fiber Optic lamps
  • Ganapati Chakra (Indian Festival of Lord Ganesha)
  • Hospital Beds
  • Heavy duty servo stabilizers
  • Hair dryers
  • Indexing table (CNC machines)
  • Kerogas Stoves
  • Kitchen Blenders
  • Knife Sharpeners
  • Laser light show
  • Linear X-Y tables
  • Motorized Novelty Gifts
  • Motorized Winch
  • Massaging Shavers
  • Massaging Chairs/Beds
  • Medical Traction System
  • Model Airplanes
  • Model racing cars
  • Model Power boats
  • Missile/Satellite launchers
  • Movie Projectors
  • Mini Mixers
  • Miniature Pumps
  • Nail Polish Dryers
  • Pan Tilt Mechanism (security Camera)
  • Pop-corn Makers
  • Photo-film development M/c.
  • Playing Card Shufflers
  • Pillow massagers
  • Paper Shredders
  • Remote Curtain operation
  • Robotics
  • Servo Motor application
  • Showcase Turntables
  • Simulators
  • Stimulators
  • Smoke Grabbing Ashtrays
  • Strobe Lights
  • Sirens
  • Turn-Tables for Display
  • Vacuum Cleaners
  • Water filters
  • Wire EDM Machines
  • Welding M/c. (MIG series)
  • Xerox Machines
  • Zoom Stereo Microscopes
  • Zoom lenses
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Coding Details For Lunar Motors

The sample code shown above is of the motor having (C) Carbon Brushes, (R) Round type Body, (B) Replaceable Carbon Brush (3) = 30.0 mm body dia., (05) 5 pole armature, (S) Super power (B) Long Magnet, (GB) Geared motor with (C) Center output shaft in (M) steel gears and (1) low reduction ratio.

If you find a motor appropriate to your applications from our catalogue itself, you should specify the Model no. (as per above specimen) along-with the code no. (SR-200-3360), which is actually for our reference and through which we can know other electrical specifications required by you.

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Performance Chart
How to read Performance Chart :

In a running DC Motor, the current (I) flows through the rotor having resistance (R), including back-EMF (Eb) (Electro Motive Force) proportional to the rotor speed. The supply voltage (V) is therefore given by the equation V=Eb + I. R, then I=(V-Eb)/R. Now, the speed of the motor decreases with increase of the Torque (T) (Load Applied). Hence, slower the speed, smaller the (Eb), consequently making (I) larger. These relations are the Theoretical Basic for the Permanent Magnet Motors.

Typical Performance curves under the rated voltage (V) are shown in the Performance Chart above. As a prime feature of the Permanent Magnet Motor, the curve of the Speed (N) and Current (I) to Torque (T) are always Linear. The Speed goes straight from No-Load (No) down to Zero at Stall Torque (Ts), and the current from Minimum at (Io) goes up to (Is) (here Is-V/R) in the same way, Power Output (P) is the product of N&T, and is obtained by the eqnP(watts) = N(max) x T( The maximum output power P (max) is a point on the (P) curve at Ts/2 & calculated as P (max) = No x Ts/4. then, the Efficiency (n) of the motor comes to maximum in the Torque range less than Ts/2, and the current at n(max) is given by the following eq(n) In = Io.Is = K.Is (where K = Io/Is. Therefore, maximum efficiency point comes nearer to the left when the value of (K) is smaller, so that it is preferable for a motor to have a smaller No Load current (Io) which is a function mainly of the loss of torque due to the Iron & Frictional losses in the motor.

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DC Miniature Geared Motor
Lunar Motors Pvt. Ltd. has Developed a wide range PMDC Geared Motor

AC Shaded Pole motors of European Standards
Lunar Motors Pvt. Ltd. offers the highest quality Shaded Pole motors.

Permanent Magnet DC Servo Motors With Encoders
Lunar Motors Pvt. Ltd. now has developed a PMDC  Servo Motor.

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