Manufacture & Sales of DC Micro Motors, DC Geared Motors, AC Synchronous Motors, Miniature Pumps & Specialized DC motors.
Lunar Motors P. Limited was previously known as Precise Engineering Works founded by Late Shri Manibhai Patel (Technical Director), Late Shri P.N Desai (Financial Director) & Late Shri V.G Jhaveri (Marketing Director) in a small township of Valsad located in South Gujarat, India. This is an associate company of Excel Group of Industries.

Excel group of industries:

1 Excel Process Pvt Ltd Manufacturer and Exporters of metal labels
2 Excel Graphics Pvt Ltd Manufacturer and Exporters of metal labels
3 Solar Machines Pvt Ltd Manufacturing and Exporting Screen Printing Machines
4 Excel Alugraphics Pvt. Ltd Manufacturing and Exporting Metal labels and grills for audio & video appliances
5 Vasundhara Canning Pvt. Ltd Manufacturing and Exporting Canned foods
6 Excel Shine Pvt. Ltd. Manufacturing Chromium plated ABS plastic components
Mr. Vasant M. Patel (Son of Late Shri Manibhai Patel) joined the company with a new project and concept to manufacture DC Motors used in Toys. Precise Engineering Works was then renamed and made Private Limited under the name of "Lunar Motors P. Limited". We started manufacturing DC Motors with two different models and reached the annual production of 30,000 DC Motors to cater the Toy industries in Mumbai & Delhi. In the same year Mr. V.M. Patel visited Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore & Thailand for gathering more Technical Knowledge in the manufacturing of DC Motors and found sources for components of motors from these countries. This year, we developed the complete basic range of DC Motors for Toys & Novelties applications.
In this year, Mr. V. M. Patel again visited Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore to purchase DC Motor testing equipment like Torque meters, Oscilloscopes, Stroboscopes, etc. as a Quality Control measure. In the same year, we developed Gear Heads for the Micro Motors and made DC Geared Motor for applications in Photocopy Machines and other industrial applications.
The Company reached the production of 3,00,000 motors per year. Shri Manibhai Patel, with his technical knowledge set up the machinery to manufacture almost complete motors in-house. He also assisted in changing basic process to increase the production of Motors. The Company also developed 3 more models of DC Motors for the toys as well as other battery operated appliances and captured 40%of the Indian toy market.
All these years, we have a hold of domestic market for our motors. Hence, in this year, Mr. V. M. Patel visited USA and UK to explore the Export market of our motors and gained tremendous response from abroad. Company developed 4 more models for the application in the Machine Automation & Cordless Tools.
Company started Exporting the motors to USA. Same year we developed AC Synchronous Motors used in Air conditioner Louvers, Turn tables & Microwave Ovens. Bigger and heavy duty DC Motors was also developed during this period for the application in the Car Radiator Fan & other heavy-duty application.
Mr. Hemal Patel (Son of Mr. Vasant M. Patel), a new generation enthusiast joined the company with his background of Electronics and Mechanical Knowledge & took-up all the new developments. He developed special DC Motors for Radio Controlled Toys like Trucks, Boats & Planes for the Hobby lovers.
By this time, the company reached the production of 200,000 motors per month [2.4 MN per year]. Mr. Hemal developed some more models of Synchronous Motors used in Optic lamps & Advertisement panels. He also developed Specialized Motors for Diamond Industries & Medical Equipment.
Mr. Hemal Patel visited Hong-Kong ,Taiwan, China & Singapore for the sourcing of motor components and updating the manufacturing technology.

After returning, He developed Special DC Motors for the Textile & Currency Counting Machinery, and also made DC Motors used in the Automobiles for Wind Shiled Washer pumps, Central Lock actuators & Motors for Advertisement Scrolling displays.
This year we added one more feather to our hat by introducing our sister concern "Lunar Automations", which will carry over activities of manufacturing products like Solenoids, Electromagnets, Textile machine components like Weft selector magnets & weft rejecting magnets. Apart from Electricals, "Lunar Automations" started producing Go-Karts & Mini Trains for Amusement parks.
DC Gear Motors for Snack vending machine, Can & Bottle Vending Machine are developed and exported more than 200,000 pcs to USA to M/s. Seaga Manufacturing Inc., USA & Seaga India Pvt. Ltd., India.

Hansel make 60 Ton high speed Automatic Power press was installed for the lamination cutting of AC motors.

This year we also introduced CNC Armature winding & Coil winding machines manufactured by Acme, Vadodara.
DC motors & DC Gear Motors for Tea & Coffee Vending Machine are developed and started catering the Tea & Coffee vending machine manufacturers in India and also exported to Mexico & Turkey.
DC Actuator for Coffee Vending Machine for TATA Tea Ltd. & Coffee day, India.

This year we installed 2 head CNC automatic Armature winding machine made by Nide China.
DC Gear Motor for Cigarette, Nepkin, Condom, etc., Vending Machines is developed
DC Air Pump for Air sampling Machines for United Phosphorous Company Ltd., Vapi, India. This is a specialized import substitute product.

This year we installed Automatic Armature Balancing machine and a CNC Commutator turning machine for improving the quality of motors.

In addition a Motor Testing unit of Landa China make is installed for complete motor testing.

Also installed an Automatic Surface Grinding machine for grinding die plate.
ISO 9001;2008 is renewed with URS Assessment & Training Ltd. and is valid till 3rd June 2016.

Some more customers for the Snack Vending Motors are created like HLL Life Care Ltd., Beta Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. including E-Cube India Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

2 Semiautomatic Lathes, 1 Hot Stacking Machine and 1 Compressor are purchased for the increased requirement.

Our VND-380-C1 & VND-500-WP1 Vend motors are approved by Hindustan Unilever Ltd.
2 more Rotor balancing machines are introduced for maintaining quality of increased production. AC Cooling fan motor is developed for the Water cooler for The Vending Company with 6 Fan blade.

Special Long Shaft Whipper motor is developed for PepsiCo India Ltd. Our Vend Motors VND-380-C1, VND-500-WP1, VND-500-WP3-LS are approved by PepsiCo India Ltd.

2 Water Pumps are developed for the Tea & Coffee vending machines VND-380-SP1 & VND-380-SP2 Company has acquired CE Certification marking No. ET/EMC/2014/961 Dt. 11/12/2014 for the DC Vending Motors & DC Vending Pumps and No. ET/EMC/2014/962 Dt. 11/12/2014 AC Motors manufactured Purchased new Lathe Machine of 6 bed of Emtex Engineering

Plastic parts for Tea & Coffee vending machines are developed viz. 1. Steam Trap, 2. Mixing Bowl, 3. Chamber, 4. Base Lock, & 5. Fan Blade

Developed a Direct Gear Pump for the Vending Machine for a Swedish Company.

DC Miniature Geared Motor
Lunar Motors Pvt. Ltd. has Developed a wide range PMDC Geared Motor

AC Shaded Pole motors of European Standards
Lunar Motors Pvt. Ltd. offers the highest quality Shaded Pole motors.

Permanent Magnet DC Servo Motors With Encoders
Lunar Motors Pvt. Ltd. now has developed a PMDC  Servo Motor.

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